TM/2 stands for TranslationManager/2. TM/2 originates from the IBM TranslationManager tool and has been made available to the open-source community.

TranslationManager/2 is a computer-assisted translation system (CAT) that automates repetitive tasks, freeing the professional translator to attend to the finer points of translation that require the judgment of an expert. TranslationManager/2 helps accelerate turnaround time and save money in overall translation costs. It does not only help you tackle the vast amount of translation needs efficiently, but also frees you from tedious routine work inherent to translation projects.

This website should help you to understand the strength of TM2 and the most important features as well as to get you a fast access to the tool.

OpenTM2 at a glance:

OpenTM2 provides an open platform for managing translation-related activities with enterprise level scalability and quality. It serves as an open, yet comprehensive, localization tool that provides such an integration platform. Ultimately, the goal is to create a cost-efficient and high-quality localization deliverable.

OpenTM2 is released under the nonrestrictive Eclipse Public License that is suitable for use with both commercial software and with other open-source or free software.

OpenTM2 integrates with several aspects of the end-to-end translation workflow including:

  • Project management
  • Translation work progress and reports
  • Reuse of existing translation materials
  • Translation memories
  • Existing terminology and glossaries

OpenTM2 objectives

To provide a reference implementation for the translation asset-related standards such as TMX.

To further mature the development of translation asset-related, open standards such as TMX, for interoperability and compatibility between business-to-business exchanges on an open platform.