The Team

OpenTM2 Steering Committee

Steering Committee Community Space

In the OpenTM2 Steering Committee Community Space the OpenTM2 Steering Committee publishes information and documents around its work and discusses them with the community.

Current members of OpenTM2 Steering Committee

Gerhard Fetz, IBM (OpenTM2 Steering Committee Member, IBM OpenTM2 Development Team Member)

Terry C. Tong, IBM (OpenTM2 Steering Committee Member, IBM Application Architect)

Michael Schneider, beo (OpenTM2 Steering Committee Member)

Arle Lommel, Common Sense Advisory (OpenTM2 Steering Committee Member)

Marc Mittag, MittagQI (taking part in his role as OpenTM2 Community Support Lead)

OpenTM2 Community Support

To contact Support, please visit our support page.
Assigned as OpenTM2 Community Support Lead is Marc Mittag, MittagQI.

OpenTM2 Development Lead

Gerhard Queck, QSoft GmbH
Please note: If you need to contact OpenTM2 Development for any reason, please contact the OpenTM2 Community Support Lead.