Translating with one translator

When a translation project involves only one translator, this person must also carry out the management and terminology tasks that support the translation process. These tasks are performed under Translation Workbench, whereas the translation itself takes place in the Translation Environment.

Working with the Workbench

The Workbench consists of the following parts: folders, dictionaries, Translation Memory databases, and three kinds of terminology lists. It enables you to perform the various tasks, such as:

  • Create a new dictionary or access an existing one for maintenance purposes such as modifying, adding, or deleting entries
  • Merge Translation Memory databases
  • Process terminology lists
  • Import and export documents

From the Workbench you can also open a document to access the Translation Environment.

Working with the Translation Environment

After opening a document, you are in the Translation Environment where you translate segment by segment by using the Translation Memory and dictionary proposals. The original document is still in the background and can be viewed at any time. After postediting the translation, you return to the Workbench to export the document into its original word-processing format.