Translating updated documents

To translate an updated document, you first import it into a folder referencing the Translation Memory containing the old translation (of the original document). You then have the following options:

  • Let OpenTM2 automatically translate the unchanged parts during analysis. You then only have to deal with the new and untranslated text.
  • After analysis, open the changed document and run the automatic substitution. OpenTM2 then stops at the places where your interaction is required, for example, where you have to translate the new parts or where you must decide which match to take if the Translation Memory supplies several matches.
  • After analysis, open the changed document and work through it segment by segment, copying the translation for the unchanged parts into the changed document and translating the changed parts.

After the translation is complete, you can postedit the translation regardless of which option you chose. The associated Translation Memory is updated automatically.

When you export a changed document, you can ask OpenTM2 to place different revision marks next to the old text, the changes, and the text that you copied from the Translation Memory.