Editor functions reference

To assign a function to a key or a key combination, click Keys… in the Options menu, select the function and assign it to a key.

To call an editor function that is assigned to a key combination, click Commands… in the Options menu, select the command to be executed, and click Run.

On the following pages, you find the complete list of the functions available in the Translation Environment. They are grouped as follows:

  • Editor functions inside the “Translation” window
  • Editor functions outside the “Translation” window

The tables shown provide a column in which you can enter the key that you assigned to the functions. Note that the keys Ctrl+A to Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+a to Ctrl+z are reserved keys and cannot be assigned.



Editor functions inside the Translation window

Cursor movement in window

Bottom Cursor Ctrl+End
Top Cursor Ctrl+Home
Cursor down Down
Cursor up Up
Cursor left Left
Cursor right Right
Insert shift-in/shift-out character in file
Insert shift-in/shift-out character in segment
Delete shift-in/shift-out character in file
Delete shift-in/shift-out character in segment
Start of line Cursor Home
End of line Cursor End
Start of segment Cursor Alt+Home
End of segment Cursor Alt+End
Query (active) line Cursor
Go to line dialog Cursor
Go to segment dialog Cursor
Special go to dialog Cursor
Next line Enter
Next word Ctrl+Right
Previous word Ctrl+Left
Tab backward Backtab
Tab forward Tab
Go to active segment Translate
Go to changed segment
Go to newly translated segment
Go to unchanged segment
Go to bookmark Translate



Function Menu Default key My key
Scroll down Shift+F4
Scroll up Shift+F3
Scroll page down PageDown
Scroll page up PageUp
Scroll left Shift+F5
Scroll right Shift+F2



Function Menu Default key My key
Delete character or marked block Delete
Delete character and move cursor left Backspace
Delete until tag
Delete line
Insert line
Join line(s) Edit
Split line Edit
Truncate line Ctrl+Delete
Delete word
Mark word
Compress current segment
Truncate segment Alt+Delete
Delete segment
Join segments Translate
Split joined segments Translate
Mark segment
Next untranslated segment Translate
Reflow segment Edit
Spellcheck segment Spellcheck
Translate segment Translate Ctrl+Enter
Untranslate segment Translate
Copy block
Copy proposal block Edit Ctrl+letter of proposal
Delete block (Clear) Edit
Find block Cursor
Mark block
Move block
Unmark block Edit
Find (and change… ) Edit
Undo Edit Alt+Backspace
Set bookmark Translate
Clear bookmark Translate


Modes of editing

Function Menu Default key My key
Line wrap (toggle) Edit
Insert toggle Insert
Toggle first character of dictionary proposal
Add an abbreviation Translate
Edit abbreviations Translate
Postediting Translate
Show translation Translate
Automatic substitution Translate
Automatic spellchecking Spellcheck
Spellcheck file Spellcheck
Spellcheck segment Spellcheck
Next misspelled word Spellcheck
Next misspelled word Spellcheck
Next updated word


Changing the presentation of control tags

Function Menu Default key My key
Compact (document) Style
Compact+1 (document) Style
Hide tags Style
Protect tags Style
Shrink tags (in segment) Style
Unprotect tags Style


Document overall functions

Function Menu Default key My key
File (End_Save) File F4
Open File
Quit File F3
Print (document) File
Save File F2
Next (document in the ring) File
Previous document


Switching to other windows

Function Menu Default key My key
“Set Colors”window Options
“Set Fonts”window Options
“Run Command”window Options
“Assign Keys”window Options
“Customize Translation Functions”window Options
“Sentence Lookup”window Options
“Translator’s Note”window


Editor functions outside the Translation window

Using the clipboard

Function Menu Default key My key
Copy (to clipboard) Edit Ctrl+Insert
Cut (to clipboard) Edit Shift+Delete
Paste (from clipboard) Edit Shift+Insert


Switching to other windows

Function Menu Default key My key
“Dictionary”window File
“Original”window File
“Source of proposal”window File
“Translation Memory”window File F8
“Translation”window File
Look up a term Translate
Edit a term Translate


Functions in the Translation Memory window

Function Menu Default key My key
Scroll proposal down Ctrl+Down
Scroll proposal up Ctrl+Up
Display (also) fuzzy matches
Display all exact translation proposals


Functions in the Dictionary window

Function Menu Default key My key
Scroll dictionary down Alt+Down
Scroll dictionary up Alt+Up